Staffordshire to be moved into tier 2 coronavirus restrictions by the end of the week

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As reported by Stoke-on-Trent Live, Staffordshire is to be moved into the Tier 2 level of coronavirus restrictions by the end of the week.

The recent rise in the level of coronavirus infection means that Staffordshire will join neighbouring Stoke-on-Trent, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Cheshire as well as much of the West Midlands.

This comes after the government announced yesterday that Nottingham and parts of Nottinghamshire will move into the highest tier three from Thursday morning.

Staffordshire County Council had lobbied central government to remain in tier one last week, but the soaring infection rates across the county has forced government to take action.

The highest case rate in Staffordshire from 18–24 October was South Staffordshire which had 369 cases per 100,000. Last week, Newcastle-under-Lyme recorded 278 cases per 100,000 and Cannock Chase had 296 cases per 100,000.

Even the areas that recorded slightly lower infection rates were well above the national average. In the Staffordshire Moorlands, they had 227 cases per 100,000, East Staffordshire had 228 cases per 100,000, Lichfield recorded 205 cases per 100,000, in Tamworth was 223 cases per 100,000 and the county town of Stafford confirmed 219 cases per 100,000.

This compares to the national average for England which is 144 per 100,000.

Such a change would mean that families in Staffordshire will no longer be able to mix with other households. This means that people will no longer be able to visit each other at home, in the garden or at hospitality venues. People will also be advised to use public transport as infrequently as possible.

Individuals and businesses will be entitled to the extra support announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak last week which will see the government pay 62% of people’s wages for hours not worked. This is designed in order to encourage businesses to retain workers under the new Job Support Scheme (JSS) which kicks in on 1 November.

Dr Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council’s director of health and care, said: “The virus is spreading in Staffordshire largely through social contact, so this extra guidance on mixing indoors will hopefully help reduce the rate of infection.

“By sticking to the Covid High Alert rules, we have the best chance of not only curbing the spread of infection, but also of having these extra measures removed as quickly as possible.”

Newly-appointed leader of Staffordshire County Council Alan White said: “Our residents and businesses have made huge efforts to keep our county safe and open, but despite this, cases continue to rise rapidly and we are now facing tighter restrictions.

“This year, Staffordshire has showed what it does best — pulling together and supporting our communities, but now we need to redouble our efforts to avoid any further restrictions and protect our county.

“We can, and we must rise, to this new challenge, but is down to each and every one of us to stick to the new rules when they do come into force to help keep Staffordshire safe and open for business.”




Talking mainly about motorsport and politics. I have my opinions, feel free to have your own.

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Nathan Hine

Nathan Hine

Talking mainly about motorsport and politics. I have my opinions, feel free to have your own.

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