Why Brexit Britain should back Biden in US election

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As you have probably heard, the United States are embroiled in a ferocious election campaign. There has been much discussion on this side of pond that we should be hoping the President can secure another term, but is that really true?

At present, incumbent President Donald Trump trailing his democratic challenger Joe Biden in every battleground state from the rust belt of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to the Republican heartlands of Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina and even the likes of Florida and Arizona.

The President’s mishandling of the pandemic, the economic decline and his inability to tell the truth look to be some of the reasons why an incumbent president is in the worst position going into the final two weeks of a campaign in decades.

But that is all domestic US politics. What we are interested in is what it all means for Britain.

Britain left the European Union on 31 December last year and assuming a deal is done this year, the UK will now have new trading arrangements with its closest friends and partners to that which it has shared for many years as it leaves the single market and customs union.

That gives Britain free range to make deals with the rest of the world as it sees fit. While the new deal with the EU may put in regulations about agriculture and state aid which would prevent a contrary agreement to be made with the US, as we have seen already, this government sees international law as merely an inconvenience after it passed the Internal Market Bill.

This saw the government pass a bill which would enable the government to scrap the arrangement made on the Ireland of Ireland in order to ensure that trade could pass easily from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. It has been argued that this would only occur in a no deal exit and in order to prevent the EU from acting in bad faith in implementing the so-called backstop.

With President Trump in the Whitehouse, this would be no problem to a ‘great deal’ with the United States. This would probably cover agriculture, metalworks, fossil fuels, intelligence and security and much more. It would be a great deal for Trump’s America. But for Boris’s Britain, it would be a more difficult sell providing that the truth of the deal was revealed.

Johnson’s 2019 general election promise was to Get Brexit done. But that was not a promise of Brexit at any price, with denials of selling the NHS to the US, guarantees for protection of food standards, environmental protection, as well as protecting British standards be maintained regarding human rights, intelligence and security and our institutions.

Of course, it is impossible to say that any deal with the US would see these promises undermined; but on the basis of Johnson’s time in office thus far, and Trump’s record of trashing American institutions and handling the coronavirus pandemic in the most contemptuous way, it is well within the bounds of possibility.

Contrast that with President Barack Obama, who in 2016 said “The UK would be at the back of the queue” in any post-Brexit UK-US trade negotiations if Britain voted to leave the EU which of course it did.

This is on top of the fact that Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives said “The U.K. must respect the Northern Ireland Protocol as signed with the EU to ensure the free flow of goods across the border. If the U.K. violates that international treaty and Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress.”

So you must have to assume that a Biden-Harris administration would ensure that first and foremost the agreement between the EU and UK is respected before any trade deal could be struck.

Biden himself has also made his position clear that if Britain reneges on its arrangement with Europe, it can forget about a deal with America. But providing that there is a deal with the EU and the nature of the deal on the Ireland of Ireland is fulfilled, Biden will ensure that any deal protects not only the Good Friday Agreement, but also the agreement with the EU regarding food standards, security, equal playing field and there will be no chance that healthcare will be on the table either.

Furthermore, Biden’s commitment to investing in renewables and tackling climate change head-on can only be a good thing with renewables and green investment could be on the table which would be great news for both country to achieving carbon neutrality within the next two decades.

So while on the face of it, businessman Trump would be the better choice for Brexit Britain, as the President has shown that he cannot keep his own house in order, the prospect of doing a deal with a man who is in debt and was not the successful businessman we are led to believe makes dependable Joe the best option for Britain as the US President next year. So as we watch and see who America decides just think what this could all mean for Britain.




Talking mainly about motorsport and politics. I have my opinions, feel free to have your own.

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Nathan Hine

Nathan Hine

Talking mainly about motorsport and politics. I have my opinions, feel free to have your own.

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